“This is all an elaborate hoax.” INDEED!

What a beautiful observation of the nature of reality… — Nicole

Legendary US film critic Roger Ebert’s wife Chaz recounts her personal memoir of her husband’s passing after an intense battle with cancer in Esquire:


Ebert’s detailed history with cancer can be read elsewhere, but I was most taken with these words Chaz wrote about her husband’s last few weeks alive. It sounds very much as though Ebert got some clear glimpses of the nondual shortly before he died:

Roger-EbertRoger looked beautiful. He looked really beautiful. I don’t know how to describe it, but he looked peaceful, and he looked young.

The one thing people might be surprised about—Roger said that he didn’t know if he could believe in God. He had his doubts. But toward the end, something really interesting happened. That week before Roger passed away, I would see him and he would talk about having visited this other place. I thought he was hallucinating. I thought they were giving him too much medication. But the day before he passed away, he wrote me a note: “This is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were happening all at once.

Via The Nonduality Highlights blog… http://nonduality.org/ http://wp.me/p2AXU-Lh

Sunday, January 5, 2014 – Editor: Dustin LindenSmith

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