Love is Simple…

Love is simple

One thought on “Love is Simple…

  1. Hi Nicole. The idea you’ve expressed so well by the idea of love’s simplicity struck me. Partly because my novel has the complications of a megalomaniacal self-absorption at its heart. It would be nice to see it eliminated, but there seems that way self-absorption and its often dirty laundry list of expectations often becomes twisted down into sexual/romantic/marital love, like something of a burning funnel. That is when what’s at the center of the emotion which is no longer where it may or may not have started in the first place, has lost sight of just about anything that has even remotely to do with spiritual love. So, I thought I should tell you that yours read like a clear poem of how to avoid, by a simpler and far less stressful route, those complications as so often ensue when matings a bad game. So thanks for it, Rx, TD

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