Who Am I? (Good Question!)

While sages and philosophers have debated that question since time immemorial, I can offer you this simple bio:    



Using a combination of influences, from mythological motifs, archetypal psychology, mindfulness,  non-dual teachings, and storytelling, Dr. Miller aims to provide a grounded route to living a more authentic life.

A teacher for over 17 years, Dr. Miller has taught K-8 classes, mostly in the humanities and the performing arts, as well as led community service programs, created meaningful peer mediation programs, and consulted on, and wrote, curriculum for peace studies and advisory programs.

As an adjunct college professor in Classics and Humanities, Dr. Miller has offered workshops and presented papers at numerous conferences locally, nationally, and internationally. Her outside work includes experience as a life coach, and is the founder of The Unstoried Self, which teaches the process of Unstorying to individuals, groups, and organizations. Dr. Miller is currently working on a book and curriculum for using Unstorying in school and organizational settings.

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She endeavors to inspire her audiences and students to look beyond the ordinary appearance of their lives, and reach instead for the mythic – that spark of possibility and wonderment in all of us, so that we can gain more clarity and break through the patterns in our lives that hold us back from happiness.

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