The Un-Storied Self™ Work


Isn’t it time to Un-Story yourself and find out who you REALLY are?


Coaching for Individuals and Groups:

This work explores how we seem to keep repeating the same old patterns in life, and why seemingly unimportant conflicts seem to trigger strong emotional responses. Regular engagement with this work can help you to “see through” those experiences and find more peace in your life.

inspirational-quotes_441939-1Through discussion, creative exercises, silent and guided meditation, and mindfulness we will explore the stories we believe to be true about ourselves and the world, and seeing through those to the space beneath, the awareness that is you. This work gives distance and breathing room beyond the place of identification and allows for the joy of simply being here to shine through.

In individual or small group meetings, we will work together to focus awareness on how these mind stories create an entire identity of a person who lives an entire life, and yet through self-inquiry, we discover none of that to be true. Learn who you are not, so that you can realize who you are.


“Using the new tools you’ve taught us has helped me start to live a less stressful and more peaceful life. Thank you for being such an inspiration.” – A., NY

“I have been telling myself a story from an experience I had recently that I was feeling bad about and trying to understand and justify myself when I realized the wound, not feeling good enough. It hit me hard in a good way and I felt the conflict within myself dissipate and what was left was a peacefulness that I am so much more then this story and it so doesn’t matter.” – M., NY

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